Simon Steiner

Simon Steiner, Research Associate

«It is worth more to have the respect from people at any time than to have their admiration occasionally»
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Simon Steiner studied English Literature and Linguistics, as well was History and Political Science at the University of Zurich. Having started to work as a project assistant at an international headhunter in Zurich during his studies, he already gained first experience in the executive search business. In May 2009, he moved on to our team, where he could contribute a lot to the establishment and development of the company as a team assistant and also deepen his experience in project handling and the Private Banking business. In 2011, he started as a research associate in Private Banking where he mainly focused on the External Asset Managers department. Furthermore, since the beginning of 2014 he is responsible for topics around the Institutional Asset Management as a consultant and since 2016 also heads the Legal/Compliance/Risk and Corporate Functions.