Recruiting Services

«Never regret anything. Because at one time it was exactly what you wanted.»

In a world of publicly available networks and in-house recruitment departments, we also offer searches on an ad hoc and success-oriented basis for certain levels and positions. An exclusive, fair and trusting relationship with our partners is important to us and we believe that the reasons behind a conventional executive approach should be evident and justifiable. We provide you access to our network and our ideas and, in certain cases, approach suitable candidates for you. If you so wish, we can assist you in your process and complement your own activities with our broader-based network and our professional process. In addition, we offer to contact specific candidates from your own network for a considerably lower fee. Transparency in our partnership is of immense importance to us. We are not about a quick placement or a short-term success, but about providing sustainable solutions. If you so wish, you may outsource your recruitment activities to us, either partially or completely. In this case, our employees and partners will become members of your team for a certain period of time, offering your company the complete spectrum of their know-how and competence. We design your job advertisements, structure your search processes and take over the entire candidate management—from the invitation to the letter of refusal.