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We offer a range of services in a discreet partnership with you in your personal career development, acting as your coach in our areas of specialisation.

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With our special focus, we assist you in finding just the right candidate for your openings. With our services and knowledge, we act as your strategic partner in all matters pertaining to human resources.

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«When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind,
not with it.»
Henry Ford, 1863-1947

Asset Management

In the years following the Financial Crisis, the Asset Management industry has developed quite positively. International banks have started a gradual process of convergence between different company divisions (markets and asset management). Passive products have continued along the path of positive development and have since become an integral part of the industry. Various international service providers…

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Private Banking

Private banking was, is and will be an essential component of the banking sector and a key factor for a banking centre…

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Legal, Compliance & Tax

For an extended period, we have been experiencing an ever-growing density of regulations and instrumentalisation…

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Private Equity & Corporate Finance

Many candidates find that private equity firms offer attractive career goals. And they are not mistaken, as we…

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Corporate & Transaction Banking

Corporate Banking, which was considered to be a little “boring” during the heyday of Investment Banking, has regained…

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Capital Markets

Trotz aller Veränderungen im Capital Markets Bereich bleibt die Finanzierungswelt ein spannendes, interessantes und…

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Finance, Risk & Treasury

Schwierige makroökonomische Be­dingungen, eine angespannte Kosten­basis, zunehmend komplexe…

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Human Resources

Die Personalabteilungen sollten in Unternehmen einen wesentlich wichtigeren Stellenwert einnehmen, als Sie es aktuell…

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Marketing & Communication

Der allgegenwärtige Zugang zu Informationen in einer multimedialen und hochgradig vernetzen Welt stellt Unternehmen in…

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Bankers in Industry Functions

Als ursprünglicher Personalberater im Finanzumfeld haben wir uns strategisch immer weiter diversifiziert…

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