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Salary is always an important issue, but should not be the only reason for contacting us. Just like with our clients, we are always happy to give you our honest assessment.

No. We finance ourselves traditionally/or solely through our client mandates and we are convinced that a clear separation must be drawn here. We do not charge a direct fee for professional coaching sessions and rather act according to the motto: "Pay what you want".

In executive search, the classic way is to conduct interviews based on client mandates. We conduct numerous interviews that are detached from direct searches or intended career changes – both on the candidate and on the client side. In special cases we can also use our deep network in a targeted manner and open doors for you.

It certainly doesn't hurt to seek talks with a consultant of your choice at regular intervals. We have a lot of conversations that simply confirm that a change would not be right or expedient. Nevertheless, the exchange with a professional partner is certainly always helpful. You also don't only visit the doctor when it's too late.

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